Family Ministry

The Loyola Family Ministry serves grandparents, parents, and guardians by providing space for education and relationship-building.

Parish staff members and parent volunteers lead optional monthly Sunday discussions during the RE class period, 8:50-9:40 a.m. in Brady Hall.

This year parents will recieve access to materials from a lesson in the Growing Up Catholic: Parent Conversations from The Pastoral Center.
This lesson, “Raising Kids Who Care,” Focuses on building a habit of empathy in kids of all ages.

Family Ministry 2023-2024 Schedule

Sept. 24th  Meet new parents & catch-up with returning families
Oct. 22nd  Session 1: “Wasting Time with Family”
Nov. 12th   Session 2 “Rules, Rules, Rules”
Dec. 10th   Session 3 “Habits of the Heart”
Jan. 21st     Session 4 “Decision Making & Prayer”
Feb. 25th   Session 5 “Self-Esteem & Failure”
Mar. 17th   Session 6 “Seek First the Kingdom”
April 21st   Planning an RE summer event for families

More information about this series from the publisher:

“This small group series leads parents through conversations about how families can become more balanced, empathetic, and loving. Weaving in familiar examples, recent wisdom from Pope Francis, and insights from our faith tradition, this series will kick off rich, lively discussions and give parents practical tools to bring home with them.”

The sessions include:

  1. Wasting Time with Family – How to live in relationship as a family / How to help our children grow in empathy
  2. Rules, Rules, Rules  – Finding the right balance in setting rules / An inductive process that motivates children to do the right thing
  3. Habits of the Heart – Household rituals and responsibilities / The importance of forgiveness and reconciliation in families
  4. Decision Making & Prayer – Helping children develop the life skill of making decisions / Making time and space to listen
  5. Self Esteem & Failure – Why failure is important / Insights on honesty and lying
  6. Seek First the Kingdom – Dealing with stress and anxiety / Building in rest and quiet

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